Who are we?

<Touched by a troll> is a casualcore 10-man raiding guild based on EU-Stormrage. The guild was formed in May 2010 by a small group of friends originally from EU-Quel’Thalas seeking serious 10-man progression in Cataclysm, but via quality of raids and not quantity. We don’t intend to spend every waking hour raiding, but we do intend to enjoy and overcome challenging content, because it’s fun! Within a few months of forming with the majority of the guild rerolling and/or switching to different roles from what they had previously performed, we achieved the Glory of the Icecrown Raider and later went on to kill the Lich King on heroic mode before Cataclysm released.

What do we want?

<Touched by a troll>’s primary goal is simple: Complete as much content as possible whilst it is current – specifically heroic modes. We see loot as a side-effect of good raiding and a tool to overcoming new challenges – it’s nice but it isn’t what we ultimately aim for. Skill trumps gear and we’d always prefer to play alongside someone with a good attitude towards raiding.

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